‘Nova’ returns this winter and spring with new episodes Wednesday nights

From volcanoes to space exploration, “Nova” explores all things science every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Arizona PBS.

Dec. 19

“Ghosts of Stonehenge” – Who built Stonehenge and why? Discover how the last decade of groundbreaking archaeological digs has revealed major new clues to Britain’s enigmatic 5,000-year-old site and the people who constructed it. Watch online.

Dec. 26

“Apollo’s Daring Mission” New – The U.S. space program suffered a bitter setback when Apollo 1 ended in a deadly fire during a pre-launch run-through. In disarray, and threatened by the prospect of a Soviet Union victory in the space race, NASA decided upon a radical and risky change of plan: turn Apollo 8 from an earth-orbit mission into a daring sprint to the moon while relying on untried new technologies. Watch via Passport.

Jan. 2

“Pluto and Beyond” New  – Join the mission as the New Horizons spacecraft attempts to fly by NASA’s most distant target yet. Since it explored Pluto in 2015, New Horizons is zooming toward Ultima Thule, an object four billion miles from Earth. Watch via Passport.

Jan. 9

“Einstein’s Quantum Riddle” New –  Quantum entanglement is poised to revolutionize technology from networks to code breaking, but first we need to know it’s real. Join physicists as they capture light from across the universe in a bid to prove Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance.” Watch via Passport.

Jan. 16

“Day the Dinosaurs Died” — Investigate how an asteroid vanquished the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Join scientists as they drill into the impact crater and, for the first time, reconstruct the hell on earth that unfolded in the minutes, hours and months after the impact.

Jan. 23

“Kilauea: Hawaii on Fire” New –  Join scientists and residents on a breathtaking journey to investigate the Kilauea volcano’s recent spike in activity, including the deadly April 2017 eruption. Along the way, some of Hawaii’s biggest secrets are revealed. Watch via Passport.

Jan. 30

“First Face of America” — Take a risky dive into an underwater cave in Mexico to uncover the 13,000 year-old skeleton of a prehistoric teenager. Follow forensic clues that reveal intimate details of her life and death, and how her people first ventured into North America. Watch online.

Feb. 6

“Decoding the Pyramids” New — See the latest evidence from the groundbreaking research of archaeologists Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass, who over more than two decades have transformed our understanding of the ancient world’s most ambitious engineering project. Now, their teams return to Giza to for a first-time dig into the remains of the barracks housing the laborers who toiled on the Great Pyramid-an investigation likely to yield crucial clues to their identity, diet and status. Watch online.

Feb. 13

“Rise of the Rockets” New — An explosion of private companies are developing new technologies and lowering costs to bring space closer than ever. At the same time, NASA is returning to manned spaceflight with gusto-once again building a rocket to take us far beyond Earth-a rocket more powerful even than the storied Saturn V. But this is not the first time we’ve seen signs of a rocketry renaissance. Watch online.

Feb. 20

“Pompeii” New —Discover Campi Flegrei, a lesser-known volcano in the shadow of Vesuvius. If it erupts, millions of lives could be at risk. Meet the scientists exploring its geography and developing a warning system to prevent Naples from becoming the next Pompeii. Watch online.

Feb. 27

“Kilauea: Hawaii on Fire” –  Join scientists and residents on a breathtaking journey to investigate the Kilauea volcano’s recent spike in activity, including the deadly April 2017 eruption. Along the way, some of Hawaii’s biggest secrets are revealed. Watch via Passport.

April 24

“Saving the Dead Sea” — The “sea of salt” is biblical in history and significance, but it could be dying. After more than a decade of research and debate, scientists, engineers and political leaders have come up with a daring plan, one that could not only save the sea but help bring stability to a region rife with conflict. NOVA follows this unprecedented endeavor — perhaps the world’s largest water chemistry experiment ever — as scientists and engineers race to save the Dead Sea and help bring water to one of the driest regions on Earth.

May 8

“Inside the Megafire” — From the front line of the Camp Fire, the deadliest wildfire in California history, NOVA tells the stories of residents who had to flee for their lives during the 2018 fire season. Scientists racing to understand what’s behind the rise of record-breaking megafires across the American West take to the forest and even a fire lab in search of answers. They investigate how forestry practices, climate change, and the physics of fire itself play a role in the dramatic increase in wildfires in recent decades.

May 15

“First Horse Warriors” — Horse riding played a key role in human expansion and civilization. But when and how did people first master these animals? Scientists use archaeology and genetics to uncover clues about the first horse riders and how they shaped the world.

May 22

“Lost Viking Army” — Bioarchaeologists investigate a ninth-century mass grave in a rural English village. Will the remains unlock the mystery of the “Great Heathen Army,” a legendary Viking fighting force that once invaded England?


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