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How to maintain learning over summer

Summer break is a time for teachers and students to recharge and get ready for the next school year. Oftentimes, educators see setbacks in students due to lack of routine or a summer full of electronics. Here are some ways to keep students engaged and expand their learning while at home.

  1. Promote reading. Whether it’s at bedtime, or for 20 minutes a day at a set time, reading is a great way to continue expanding our childrens’ vocabulary. There are many ways to make it fun, like taking trips to the library or bookstore to pick out new books. 
  2. Practice math facts. As a 3rd grade teacher, I often see some regression with the fluency of math facts at the beginning of the school year, since it has been out of sight and out of mind for the summer. Have your child create flashcards to practice in the car during a road trip, or engage in fun math facts games online. If they master addition, try challenging them by introducing multiplication!
  3. Continue routines. Your bedtime routines do not have to be as rigid since they don’t have to follow a specific schedule, so it can be pushed back an hour or two and adjusted. However, allowing your child to stay up all night and sleep the days away will only make it harder for them to get back on track when the school year begins. Children thrive on routine, so even if you’re allowing later bedtimes, keeping them consistent will benefit your child. 
  4. Plan screen-free time. It’s no news that our children love TV or playing games on their devices during breaks. It is important for us as parents to plan some creative activities or outdoor time to give their eyes and minds a break from the screens! These activities do not have to be incredibly time-consuming or thought out. They can be as simple as a drawing and coloring hour on a picnic table outside, or walking the dog after dinner. 
  5. Look into summer camps. Be sure to search for summer camps in your area! There are many activities out there, find the ones that better suit your child’s interests and your schedules. Libraries also have story times and craft times that are usually free of cost! Dance studios, museums, city pools, gyms- they all usually host summer camps and summer classes, too!

In what ways do you plan to keep your child productive and ready to learn this summer?

About the author

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Marissa Will is the mother of two toddlers, Olivia (4) and Logan (2). Writing was her first passion: she’s a freelance writer and a Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication alumna. Will is currently educating the future leaders of tomorrow: She has spent the past eight years teaching third grade with a master’s degree in elementary education from Northern Arizona University-Yuma.

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