AZ Barbeque Company is putting Arizona on the map

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This husband and wife duo is serving up some seriously good barbeque with a local twist. AZ Barbeque Company is located in Gilbert and they’re making their meats in a nontraditional fashion. Co-owner Colette Nichols gives us a taste of what goes behind making the perfect barbeque.

“We smoke our meat and then it actually goes into the oven for a second cooking process. We retain that moisture as opposed to everybody else who just smokes their meat. And then we like to infuse all the southwest flares and flavors.”

Nichols’ husband Mark is a chef who started with a catering business after everyone fell in love with his smoked barbeque meat. He even researched the best smoker to install inside the restaurant.

“The smoker we have is huge and it’s actually in the building because we just couldn’t put it outside.”

The restaurant has a number of different plating options and choices to choose from all the way down to the sauces.

“You get to choose your sauce. We have habanero, we have a chipotle, we have the green chili, we have a mustard that’s got a little bit of Arizona undertones to it.”

“Our wings are hugely popular and they are actually marinated for 72 hours in some southwest seasoning and some citrus so it really gives it a deep mahogany flavor.”

AZ Barbeque Company strives to put Arizona on the map when it comes to barbeque favorites. They say that they are rooted in love and are eager to separate themselves from others.

Jason Turner, a pastor, recommended the restaurant he says made him feel welcomed and at home. He ordered the smoked wings which quite literally, made him speechless.

“To find it smoked is rare. It was a great smoked wing that had flavor.”

The guests then ended on a sweet note, where they dined in on churros, cookie sandwiches and beignets.


Restaurant address: 1534 E Ray Rd, Gilbert, AZ

Phone number: 480-361-4180


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