Early Childhood Workshops

Local learning opportunities for families and children

Arizona PBS offers community and school-based workshops for families and educators in local neighborhoods. Train the trainer options are available so familiar teachers and other leaders can host and conduct the series.

Designed for parents and caregivers of children ages 0 to 5 years old, each workshop:

  • Offers childcare for children 5 and under
  • Provides healthy snacks
  • Sends participants home with FREE children’s books and additional resources (digital media, crafts)
  • Includes community and adult literacy resources

Workshop registration is currently open in Yuma and Mohave counties at various neighborhood centers including schools and libraries. Please note space is limited to 20 participants per location.

Call us at 855-818-6613 to register. Funding for the Arizona PBS Early Literacy Program is provided by Yuma and La Paz/Mohave First Things First Regional Partnership Councils.

Early Literacy Series includes the following sessions:

  1. What are They Thinking? Understanding Your Child’s Brain Development
  2. A Picture Book is Worth a Thousand Words!
  3. I Spy Through Elmo’s Eyes…Literacy Around the House!
  4. Play with Language – Activities to Promote Healthy Habits and Build Literacy
  5. Discovering Literacy Using Media
  6. Adventures with Literacy Wherever You Are – Anywhere, Anytime!

*Train the trainer and custom workshop series events are available for host locations, such as schools and community organizations serving young families.

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