‘The Colorado’ film

Set to run on Arizona PBS, a documentary captures the essence of the Colorado River with music and vivid imagery. The film tells the story of the river from its prehistoric past to its current over-use. Murat Eyuboglu, the director, believes in the beauty of the river and showcases that into his documentary. In his words, “the Colorado River sublimed some of the major landscapes on earth.”

He believes in the story of this river because of its history. The river has been running for three million years and is overworked with 72 major dams. The river is pushed to its limits everyday by the major cities in the West and the agricultural empires in California. Even though the river has all these troubles it’s still a strong support for the states it runs through. Although the documentary is set to show all of this in nine minute chapters, the film took five years to finish due to financial issues. Despite all this, Eyuboglu saw this as an opportunity. He became more familiar with the people and the environment surrounding the river.

Murat Eyuboglu says that his goal was to create a sensory immersion with music to support the visuals.

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Murat Eyuboglu, Filmmaker, "The Colorado"

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