Check, Please! Arizona producers call for nominations of Yuma restaurants to be featured on show

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Emmy Award-winning series Check, Please! Arizona invites Arizona residents to recommend locally owned Yuma restaurants to be reviewed on show

PHOENIX — (June 7, 2013) Eight, Arizona PBS production Check, Please! Arizona is issuing a call for nominations of local and independently owned Yuma restaurants to be featured on the Emmy award-winning weekly restaurant review series. Check, Please! Arizona producers will choose a trio of guests who will each dine at and then review the three local Yuma restaurants they recommended to each other, in a roundtable discussion with series host Robert McGrath, an internationally acclaimed James Beard award-winning chef. The series continues to expand its featured dining-out destinations beyond the borders of the Phoenix metro area, having visited Flagstaff, Winslow, Jerome and Sedona in prior seasons.  

“When we ask for nominations, we look at everything. We try to group together trios of guest reviewers and restaurants in a way that offers variety in every episode,” said Scott Wallin, producer of Check, Please! Arizona. “Restaurants must be in business for three years and cannot be national chains; otherwise, we just want to make the program as entertaining and diverse as possible for our viewers.” With dining options from its annual rodeo to off-the-map restaurants in the desert, Check, Please! Arizona producers expect Yuma to offer a unique dine-and-dish experience for viewers.

New episodes for Season 4 will begin taping by mid-summer, and the new season is scheduled to launch in January 2014. Check, Please! Arizona continuously accepts and reviews restaurant nominations; however, the recommended submission deadline for Yuma restaurant nominations is July 2013 for the best chance to be included in the show.

Details about the show and nomination rules are available on Eight’s Check, Please! Arizona website at

Check, Please! Arizona airs Thursdays at 7 p.m. and Saturdays at 3 p.m. on Eight, Arizona PBS, hosted by James Beard award-winning Chef Robert McGrath, whom Food & Wine magazine ranked among the “Ten Best Chefs in America.” McGrath offers his culinary insights each week, as he leads guest reviewers in a roundtable discussion about the restaurants they have visited, based on recommendations from their fellow guests.

An Eight original production made possible by, Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers, Lawns By Les, LLC and Whitfill Nursery.

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