Teens to explore pressures facing Latino and Latina students at community event, launching PBS documentary The Graduates/Los Graduados

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Public screening and educational outreach event Oct. 19 in downtown Phoenix to debut PBS documentary exploring challenges faced by Latino high school students in the US

WHAT: Eight, Arizona PBS in partnership with the City of Phoenix Latino Institute will host a daytime community engagement event for teens 14-18 years old on Oct. 19, launching the landmark two-part PBS series The Graduates/Los Graduados, which debuts nationally Oct. 28, airing on Eight, Arizona PBS at 7 p.m. local time. The event, which is free to attend, will feature a pre-screening of the series, followed by breakout sessions facilitated by community leaders, each exploring a different aspect of the pressures facing Latino and Latina students in completing their education. Topics addressed will include bullying, street life /gang intervention, teen parenting, undocumented status and homelessness/poverty. At the end of the breakout sessions, one teen from each discussion group will be awarded a stipend to implement the community action plan they developed during the session to address the specific challenge examined by their group.

The Graduates/Los Graduados, a two-part bilingual documentary premiering on the PBS series Independent Lens, examines the many roots of the Latino dropout crisis through the eyes of six inspiring young students who are part of an ongoing effort to increase graduation rates for a growing Latino population. These student profiles offer a first-hand perspective on the challenges facing many Latino high school students, including over-crowded schools, crime-ridden neighborhoods, teen pregnancy and pressure to contribute to the family finances. Part one, premiering Oct. 28, will cover the factors holding back Latino boys and young men and how to reverse these trends. Part two, airing Nov. 4 will focus on how to maximize the potential of young Latinas.

Participation is free, but registration is required at www.azpbs.org/losgraduados.

WHERE: The historic A.E. England Building in downtown Phoenix. (424 N Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ, 85004), adjacent to Civic Space Park.

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