B. L. Turner II

B. L. Turner II
School of Geographical Science and Urban Planning

“When I came to ASU I decided that I was going to shift my human environment orientations more strongly into questions of urban sustainability… how does not just the composition of the urban environment, but the configuration of that urban environment affect eco-system surfaces.”

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A Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown and linus stand next to the christmas tree

Feeling down about the commercialism of Christmas, Charlie Brown becomes the director of the gang's holiday play.

“Check, Please! Arizona” returns to Arizona PBS

Three guests sit at the Check, Please! Arizona table on set with host Mark Tarbell.

Arizona PBS is issuing a call for nominations of local and independently owned Arizona restaurants to be featured on new episodes of returning fan-favorite series “Check, Please! Arizona.”

Live from Bradley Symphony Center: Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Two members of the symphony play french horn

Excerpt of Composer Eric Nathan's piece "Opening" which was commissioned by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra for the opening weekend of the Bradley Symphony Center.