Conexion provides a Latino community connection in Arizona
Catherine Anaya

Connecting with Catherine Anaya

José Cárdenas and I go way back. In fact, we both had a big chuckle over a video he recently found in his archives of me on camera in the mid-90’s, narrating a video about one of the several Latino arts organizations that José and his beloved wife Virginia have long supported through the years. Even then, José was someone I respected and admired not only for his brilliant mind, but for his passion, support and deep connection to Arizona’s Latino community and culture.

For nearly two decades he has helmed “Horizonte” at Arizona PBS, effectively putting the show on the map as an important space for discussing Arizona issues, through a Hispanic perspective. He has provided a voice and a platform for thoughtful discussion while also shining a light on the beautifully layered fabric of our community and culture. I cannot overstate enough how deeply honored I am to build on José’s remarkable legacy as the new host of “Horizonte.” I am personally grateful to José for his friendship and leadership, and I believe I speak for many in expressing my deep appreciation for his commitment to our community!

I recognize how valuable “Horizonte” and now Conexión are to our Latino community, and I am thrilled to join the Arizona PBS family as we connect and continue to build on what José so admirably created.

‘Horizonte’ examines issues of particular interest to Arizona’s Hispanic community. Your host Catherine Anaya tackles subjects from public policy to education to the arts. ‘Horizonte’ airs on Saturdays at 5:45 p.m. following PBS News Weekend. You can also stream past broadcasts below.

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