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Catherine Anaya

Connecting with Catherine Anaya

May is one of my favorite times of the year in Arizona. The weather is still near perfect, the Valley is still buzzing with events, students are winding down their school year, graduates are embarking on the next chapter in their lives, and Mother’s Day is upon us.

Being a mother is and always will be the biggest and best part of who I am. Watching my son and daughter move through life and make their own decisions as adults is a blessing to witness and an honor to know I had a hand in shaping who they’ve become.

My own mother is still with us. I’m so grateful for that. She was a pioneer for me in many ways: a young, divorced mother of two, raising two daughters while trying to carve a career for herself and obtain a college education. She was challenged. So was my childhood. Despite that, she accomplished her goals, which paved the way for me to accomplish my own. I am a better mother because of her.

Speaking of pioneering women, I encourage you to watch this season’s episode of “Horizonte,” featuring a discussion about Mexican playwright Sor Juana Iné de la Cruz.

Sor Juana is considered the first woman playwright in Mexico and the Americas. She was a poet, a nun, and a staunch advocate of women’s rights.

The executive director of Southwest Shakespeare Company joined me to talk about Sor Juana’s play “House of Desires,” written in the 1600s, which looks at the role of women during a time when they had to follow strict moral codes in society.

“Horizonte” will wind down our spring season of episodes in May. On behalf of myself and our team, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your Saturdays with “Horizonte” on Arizona PBS, online on, and on the PBS app.

We love hearing from you and appreciate your continued support!

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Catherine Anaya

‘Horizonte’ examines issues of particular interest to Arizona’s Hispanic community. Your host Catherine Anaya tackles subjects from public policy to education to the arts. ‘Horizonte’ airs on Saturdays at 6 p.m. following PBS News Weekend. You can also stream past broadcasts below.

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