Chicanos Por La Causa Receives Investment for Scholarships

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Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. (CPLC) recently received an investment of $50,000 from BHP, a global resource company. The money will fund scholarships and grants supporting the educational and career aspirations of Arizona’s Copper Corridor residents.

We spoke to Carlos Galindo-Elvira about the investment. He is the Director of Community Engagement & Partnerships at Chicanos Por La Causa.

The scholarship aims to expand access and affordability to higher education, vocational training, upskilling, and certification. Therefore, CPLC BHP scholarships can be applied toward the tuition of any of the three state universities, community colleges, or vocational schools.

Grants will also be made available for those seeking a training certification or towards the purchase of tools as it pertains to upskilling and training.

“This isn’t just exclusive to a college education. It also includes to vocational education, as well as obtaining a certificate,” said Galindo-Elvira. “The whole idea behind it is to level up, and to retain as much talent within the Copper Corridor.”

All applicants must live in the Copper Corridor region consisting of Miami, Globe, Superior, Hayden, Kearny, Oracle, Oracle Junction, San Manuel, Mammoth, and Winkelman.

“The Copper Corridor is the heart of Arizona, where copper is king,” said Galindo-Elvira.

“We are proudly partnering with BHP to provide scholarships to youth and residents from these mining towns,” David Adame, CPLC President and CEO has said.

Applications open October 1, 2023.

For more information on the CPLC BHP Scholarship, contact [email protected].

About Chicanos Por La Causa

Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. (CPLC) is a community development corporation that provides services in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. Since 1969, CPLC has been changing lives by developing self-sufficiency and instilling empowerment in those we serve. Our focus areas are economic development, education, integrated health & human services, and housing. CPLC provides a better life through offering business and employment opportunities; ensuring everyone has the solid foundation of an education; providing hope through a pathway of recovery, restoration and resiliency; and ensuring that a safe, secure, affordable home is available to every individual we serve. Today, we have more than 30 programs & services, approximately 2,000 employees and 160 offices, making CPLC one of the largest community development corporations in the nation. For more information, please visit

About BHP

BHP is a global resources company in Melbourne, Australia. The company has a global workforce of approximately 80,000 people working in locations across Australia, Asia, the UK, US, Canada and South America. They produce commodities essential for global decarbonization and economic development. That includes copper, nickel, iron ore, and metallurgical coal. BHP is managed from its corporate office in Tucson, Arizona. Click here for more information:

Carlos Galindo-Elvira/Dir. of Community Engagement & Partnerships, Chicanos Por La Causa

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