Rachel Khong

Join us for this month’s PBS Books Readers Club selection, “Real Americans” by Rachel Khong. Gather with fellow readers on May 29 to delve into Khong’s thought-provoking novel.

Set against the backdrop of contemporary America, the story captures the life of Alice, a young woman grappling with her identity and belonging in a nation rich with diversity yet riddled with divisions. As Alice navigates complex family dynamics and societal expectations, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

The narrative intensifies when Alice uncovers family secrets that challenge her perceptions of heritage and patriotism. Her exploration into her past brings unforeseen complications, testing her resilience and shaping her understanding of what it means to be a real American.

Join us as we explore this poignant tale of identity, heritage, and the quest for a place to call home.

Rachel Khong is based in San Francisco, California. She earned her MFA in creative writing from the University of Florida and has been a contributing editor at “Lucky Peach” magazine. Her writing often explores the themes of memory, personal history, and the complexities of family and love. “Real Americans” is her second novel, following her critically acclaimed debut, “Goodbye, Vitamin.”

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with fellow book lovers and explore Rachel Khong’s distinctive voice with the PBS Books Readers Club. Join us for an engaging discussion that promises to enrich your appreciation of contemporary literature.

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