August specials: Great concerts past and present

From rock, pop, country, blues, R&B and more, Arizona PBS has must-see concerts across every genre and generation this month.

August specials: Experts offer wellness help

Make sure your body and brain are in the best possible condition. Get the latest tips from nationally recognized experts, beginning Aug. 16.

August specials: History comes alive

August specials delve into the stories behind notable places across Europe and America.

Arizona PBS
'Downton Abbey Returns!'

In anticipation of the September 2019 premiere of the "Downton Abbey," feature film, enjoy a nostalgic celebration of all aspects of the most successful British drama in television history in a two-hour special presentation this Sunday at 8 p.m.

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Carnegie-Knight News21

Aug. 20, 2019

Carnegie-Knight News21 is a national program that brings together top journalism students from across the country to produce in-depth multimedia projects. This year, participants took a close look at natural disasters around the country.

Funding for school with higher test scores

Aug. 19, 2019

Two years ago, Governor Ducey and lawmakers adopted a new funding formula that funneled $39 million only to schools with higher test scores. This year, they increased that to $69 million per year. Dana Wolfe Naimark, CEO of the Children’s Action Alliance, worries that funding plan keeps extra money from schools that are really in need of more money, leaving out nearly 1,500 schools.

Abused young woman becomes world-class Jiu Jitsu champ

Aug. 19, 2019

A young woman uses Jiu Jitsu to help her escape an abusive relationship and becomes a world-class athlete. Cronkite Sports reporter Kynan Marlin brings us the story of Daisy Held, a 23-year-old world champion Jiu Jitsu competitor.

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Explore the story of bluegrass in 'Big Family'

Examine the history of bluegrass music, from its origins to its eventual worldwide popularity, and hear from dozens of musicians who explain the ways bluegrass music transcends generational, cultural and geographic boundaries.

Discover 'India: Nature's Wonderland'

Join a journey through India to discover its rich culture and rare wildlife, airing Tuesday, Aug. 27, at 7 p.m. on Arizona PBS.

Explore the 'Magical Land of Oz'

Burrow into the magical depths of Australian animal life as unique species navigate extremes on land and sea on Wednesdays at 9 p.m., beginning August 28, on Arizona PBS.