Flagstaff, the Year-Round Playground

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A little over two hours north of the Valley lies Flagstaff, a green city that is a haven for hikers, bikers, runners and anyone else looking for a high-country escape. 

Flagstaff has an amazing urban trail system made for trail hounds, with the Grand Canyon in its backyard.

The city is a progressive, vibrant, youthful town thriving in its 7,000 feet of elevation and is made for those who love to use the outdoors as their playground. 

With four beautiful seasons to enjoy, people have been escaping from the Valley heat to Flagstaff for decades. Views of this small city come from angles; below, above and everything in between shows off the flourishing mountain range.

Come with us to this beautiful city right in the heart of ponderosa pines as we venture on an urban trail, search for hundreds of petroglyphs in the stunning Chevelon Canyon and chase after waterfalls.

Trail: Chevelon Canyon

City: Flagstaff

State: AZ

Difficulty: Moderate

Pet friendly: Yes

Park Website

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