Southern Arizona: An Alluring Desert Gem

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All within an hour and a half of Tucson, Picacho Peak State Park, Patagonia Lake State Park and Catalina State Park are home to trails full of wildlife, stunning views of wild blooms and a hidden lakeside oasis.

From miles away, you can see the gorgeous lush green of Picacho Peak, and coming a little closer to the park, you can see the beautiful golden orange of the Mexican poppies on the mountain as they glow in the sunlight. 

Walking the trails of Picacho Peak State Park, you will get great vantage points of the marvelous blooms wherever you are; you don’t have to walk long to see these views. 

Just south of Tucson, tucked away in rolling hills, is the lakeside retreat of Patagonia Lake State Park. Whether searching for serenity or taking a fishing trip, visitors enjoy this wondrous park. And you can’t forget about the animals! There are dozens of species of birds, javelinas and other little critters, so for all of you animal lovers out there, this is the place for you.

One of the greenest deserts you’ll ever see is Catalina State Park. With more than 5,000 acres to explore, you can hike rugged or smooth trails with views of saguaros all around, and you might even see horseback riders taking advantage of the trails. 

Come with us to explore southern Arizona!

Trail: Sonoita Creek Trail

City: Nogales

State: Arizona

Difficulty: Easy

Pet friendly: Yes

Park Website

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