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Stretching out over more than 200 miles from Yavapai County to New Mexico is the Mogollon Rim. With its expansive, breathtaking views, the Rim serves to inspire nothing less than shock and awe.

It’s truly a geological masterpiece made up of sedimentary, volcanic and metamorphic rock, dating back to what scientists call the Precambrian Era.

Row after row of silhouetted, blue mountains stretch out towards the horizon to meet the sky.

With the exception of the Grand Canyon, no other physical feature of Arizona’s landscape is more prominent than the Mogollon Rim.

In this episode, all roads and trails lead to Payson and the mighty Mogollon Rim.
We’ll trek into the world-famous Tonto Natural Bridge, a wondrous, gaping hole in the middle of the state.
And we’ll hop on a bike for an up-close ride skirting the stunning Mogollon Rim Vista Trail. 
Plus, off the beaten path, we’ll step back in time to show you what education looked like in the town of Strawberry back in the 1800s.
Then, we visit a great place to have some carb joy before you hit your next trail.

Trail: Payson and Mogollon Rim area - multiple trails!

City: Payson

State: Arizona

Difficulty: Medium

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