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Arizona PBS KIDS Family Night

Arizona PBS KIDS Family Night is a weekly viewing event for the whole family! Every weekend, PBS KIDS features movies or themed programming every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Create an immersive experience all at home, and see your kids learn and grow along with their favorite PBS characters.



  • 24/7 on this page! (scroll up!)
  • Channel 8.4 with antenna
  • Cox channel 81
  • CenturyLink Prism channel 22
  • SuddenLink channel 14
  • Free PBS KIDS app

Arizona PBS KIDS features an array of programming to help young children master important skills, ranging from reading and basic math and science to problem solving and emotional skills.

The channel features innovative, impactful programs designed for children from preschool through early elementary school to develop a strong educational foundation. Programming includes PBS KIDS favorites like Alma’s Way, Arthur, Clifford, Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Sesame Street, among others.

Dan Santat reads his children's book, Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

Did you know Molly of Denali is the first nationally distributed animated children’s series with an indigenous main character? This uplifting behind the scenes video features Molly of Denali Producer Yatibaey Evans talking about this PBS show’s creation, goals and mission.

Arizona children at play