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Arizona PBS KIDS Family Night

Arizona PBS KIDS Family Night is a weekly viewing event for the whole family! Every weekend, PBS KIDS features movies or themed programming every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Create an immersive experience all at home, and see your kids learn and grow along with their favorite PBS characters.



• 24/7 on Channel 8.4 with an antenna
• Cox Cable channel 81
• CenturyLink Prism channel 22
• SuddenLink channel 144
• And the free PBS KIDS Video App

Arizona PBS KIDS features an array of programming to help young children master important skills, ranging from reading and basic math and science to problem solving and emotional skills. The channel features innovative, impactful programs designed for children from preschool through early elementary school to develop a strong educational foundation.


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Looking for the livestream of PBS KIDS? We’ll be launching a redesign of the video experience on in 2024. You can still view the same great programs you know and love on the livestream here on

The updated video experience on will:

  • Help kids quickly find and discover their favorite series, full episodes, clips, shorts, movies and podcasts
  • Create a safe viewing environment for kids to watch PBS KIDS video content
  • Create a cohesive user experience across web, mobile and connected TV platforms
  • Modernize the design and infrastructure
  • Make PBS KIDS the gold standard for accessibility (e.g., closed captioning, descriptive audio) and
  • Increase support for kids with low-end devices and low-bandwidth