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With an important election year underway, Arizona PBS will be doing its part throughout 2024 to ensure citizens across the state are able to make informed decisions as ballots are cast statewide.

Critical to these efforts is the station’s longest-running series, “Arizona Horizon,” covering news, Arizona politics, and public affairs. Although “Arizona Horizon” is now in its fourth decade, the man that has shaped that program for much of the last two decades is Ted Simons, the show’s managing editor and host.

Watch “Arizona Horizon” weeknights at 5 p.m. and stay tuned for upcoming election coverage on air or on our YouTube news channel, AZPBS Now, or catch full episodes online later or on the PBS app.

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Ted Simons

Ted Simons is the award-winning host and managing editor of “Arizona Horizon,” the nightly public affairs show on Arizona PBS. Simons moderates discussions with government officials, business leaders and policy makers about the issues, laws and policies that affect Arizonans in their everyday lives.

According to Simons, a lot has changed since he first took the reins of "Arizona Horizon" in late 2007.

"The journalism landscape has changed in many ways," said Simons. "Social media is an undeniable and unavoidable force in disseminating information as well as a major factor in the persistent spread of disinformation."

Despite the challenges facing journalism today, Arizona PBS' News and Public Affairs team remains steadfast in its commitment to the highest standards of integrity, transparency, credibility, inclusion, and impartiality.

"One thing that hasn't changed over the years is our focus on broadcasting balanced, in-depth interviews on public policy issues of import to our viewers," said Simons.

For Simons, his sense of duty to provide a public service and bring clarity to voters remains unchanged. "It's our job to get past the talking points and self-promoting and have those running for office explain their positions."