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Explore the great outdoors across Arizona when you take a hike with Ike!

Discover the beauty of low desert, pine forest and everything in between as we experience the variety of Arizona landscapes.

From biking to hiking to riding, explore Arizona with Isaac “Ike” Easley in this adventurous new series.

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Isaac "Ike" Easley

Arizona native Isaac "Ike" Easley is an avid hiker and traveler. Ike takes a lot pride in being from Arizona. "It's an amazing place to live. It has so many different eco systems and things to do. You can go from the desert to multicolored trees and snow mountains in just a matter of hours."

At least once a month, Ike hikes Piestewa Peak, a local favorite. "My other favorite trail is Devil’s Bridge in Sedona," he explains. "The bridge formation is just so cool and the hike is relaxing. I would suggest hiking early in the morning before it gets really busy."

For beginners who are eager to start exploring Arizona's trails, Ike suggests "bringing plenty of water and bring a friend. Even in the cooler months, water is always a must and bringing a friend is good for safety but also makes hiking more fun!"

The most challenging trail Ike has successfully completed? "The Lares Trek in Peru," he says. "It was the most difficult and amazing trail I’ve ever done. Three days, 14,000 feet in altitude and 35 miles altogether. Did I mention my bags never came on the plane, and I had to buy clothes the night before the hike and had to do the hike in Jordans?"

As Ike takes us through the beauties and adventures that Arizona has to offer, he says, "I hope the show excites people to go outside to learn and see new places that I think will bring them so much joy. Most importantly, I hope viewers have fun. Life is all about all the side trips."