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Arizona PBS 2023 Local Content & Service Report

The cover of the FY 2022-23 CPB Local Content and Service Report showing a misty Arizona landscape with cactus and mountains

Arizona PBS is proud to serve as a valuable community resource, year after year. Explore the details of our work during fiscal year 2023.


Filings and Reports


Tax ID Number

All funds donated to Arizona PBS are deposited with and administered by the ASU Foundation for A New American University, a nonprofit organization that exists to support Arizona State University (ASU) and its entities. Gifts in support of ASU are subject to foundation policies and fees. Due to the fair market value of benefits received, only payments in excess of fair market value may be considered a charitable contribution. PBS Passport has no fair market value as it is a benefit of membership and not available for purchase. Arizona PBS and Arizona State University (ASU) are not listed as a qualifying charitable organization by the state of Arizona. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of charitable contributions. ASU Foundation for A New American University tax ID (EIN): 86-6051042.


Closed Captioning Certificates

All programming produced and distributed by Arizona PBS (“KAET”) complies with the closed captioning requirements established by the Federal Communications Commission as embodied in 47 C.F.R. § 79.1, including regulations concerning closed captioning quality. For information about closed captioning certificates, please visit our dedicated page to this service here.

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Arizona PBS presents candidate debates

Three main characters from mystery shows premiering this summer

It’s the Summer of Mystery!

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airs July 19

Psyche mission

Former President Donald Trump

Republican National Convention: Four nights of coverage

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