Citizen group opposes ballot initiative on abortion rights

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Recently, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled a 160-year-old near-total abortion ban still on the books in the state is enforceable. A citizen initiative group called “It Goes Too Far” is against the proposed abortion rights vote on the upcoming ballot.

“It Goes Too Far” says the proposed abortion amendment makes it unsafe for girls and women. They say it eliminates long-standing, common sense safeguards as well as reasonable safety standards at abortion clinics, and it threatens parental rights. Joanna De La Cruz, Spokeswoman for “It Goes Too Far,” joined us to discuss.

Joanna de la Cruz, who represents the group, joins Arizona Horizon to discuss some of the big worries they have about the proposed changes. The group, “It Goes Too Far,” has people from different political backgrounds, and they all agree that any laws about abortion should make sure patients are protected.

De la Cruz is worried about how the new rules are written. She says there’s nothing in there saying that only doctors can do abortions, which might make things less safe for women.

One big argument is about when abortions can happen. The initiative talks about viability, which means when a baby can survive outside the womb. Supporters say there are protections for both physical and mental health, but “It Goes Too Far,” worries that the rules around mental health are too broad and might allow abortions right up until birth.

There’s also a question about who can perform abortions under these new rules. The term “healthcare professional” isn’t clearly defined so it could mean a lot of different people besides doctors.

The group thinks voters need to know all the facts before they decide. They say that some of the information from the other side is confusing and might not be true.

When asked about what lawmakers think, “It Goes Too Far,” says their main focus is making sure people understand what the changes could mean. They’re hopeful that by talking to voters, they can help them see the potential problems with the initiative.

As the discussion heats up, Arizona is at the center of a debate with big consequences. With people on both sides speaking out strongly, it’s up to voters to weigh the facts and make an informed choice.

Joanna De La Cruz, Spokeswoman, "It Goes Too Far"

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