Autism Insights: A Scott Steindorff Documentary

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Understanding Autism,” a documentary directed by Scott Steindorff, delves into the latest autism research, focusing on the profound effects of empathy and emotional connections on autistic individuals.

The film features insights from 100 experts globally and provides personal glimpses into the lives of people across the autism spectrum. Steindorff discussed the film’s goals and its impact on understanding autism on Arizona Horizon.

“I wanted to do a film to really research what’s going on with it, it’s so underdiagnosed,” said Steindorff.

While pediatricians play a vital role in the early detection of autism, it’s essential to recognize that diagnosing autism is a collaborative effort involving multiple healthcare professionals, educators, and families. Early intervention is important for children with autism to access appropriate services and support, and pediatricians play a crucial role in facilitating this process.

“The biggest misconception about autism is that we don’t feel,” said Steindorff. “In reality, we feel too much.”

By listening to their stories, Steindorff learned more about autism and how it affects different people. He found out that autism can show up in many ways and can be challenging for both the person with autism and their family.

Through these conversations, Steindorff also realized that some of the things he experiences are similar to what people with autism go through. This helped him understand himself better.

By learning from others with autism, Steindorff gained a better understanding of their unique experiences and challenges. The film, “Understanding Autism,” is a step further to support people with autism and make the world a more inclusive place for everyone, regardless of their differences.

Scott Steindorff, Producer, Director and President, Stone Village Films

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