Tempe, a City by the Lake

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Tempe is sometimes known as the community that re-invented itself, going from just a college town to featuring one of the most visited attractions in Arizona. And all it did was just add water! 

Tempe Town Lake is Arizona’s second most-visited public attraction, second only to the Grand Canyon. Tempe Town Lake has old and new bridges to get people across the lake. 

With one glimpse at the changing skyline, it’s easy to see that Tempe has been in constant growth mode. The city exudes a youthful, energetic vibe that also offers beautiful landscapes.

If you’re looking for scenic walking, biking or rowing adventures, it’s the place to go in the Valley. But that’s not all Tempe has to offer desert dwellers looking for an oasis escape. We hike “A” Mountain in the middle of the city, where we bump into the mayor of the City of Tempe, Corey Woods, and we stroll down Mill Avenue to experience the cosmopolitan cityscapes.

Come along as we explore the city by the lake!

Trail: "A" Mountain

City: Tempe

State: AZ

Difficulty: Easy

Pet friendly: Yes

Park Website

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