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If ever there was a city that highlighted just how genuinely gorgeous the southwest desert can be, it would have to be Tucson.

Magical, tangerine-colored sunsets bask the city nicknamed the “Old Pueblo” in its warm, golden hour glow.

The sunlight casts warm shadows over the city’s saguaros springing up throughout Tucson’s many trails.

At Sentinel Peak, also known as “A” mountain, Tucson natives and tourists alike hike it to take in the sunset views.

Hundreds walk, bike and drive on Sentinel Peak Road, once used as a lookout and signal fire location by Native American tribes and military soldiers.

The “A” was built by University of Arizona students in 1916. The University of Arizona students and alums kick off homecoming festivities up here every year.

In many ways, Tucson gives off a college-town vibe.

This is because the University of Arizona figures prominently in the city’s history and now in its youthful and hopeful future.

The city’s a haven for people who love and appreciate two big things: culture and the outdoors.

We’ll give you a little taste of that culture in this episode.

And a whole heaping plate full of the city’s outdoor innovations and recreation.

So sit down and grab a handful of trail mix for the big, bold flavor that is Tucson.

Trail: Sabino Canyon Recreation Area - multiple trail options!

City: Tucson

State: Arizona

Difficulty: Easy

Pet friendly: No

Mountain biking: No

Park Website

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