Something Very Superstitious in the Mountains

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You can see the Superstitions rising up from the desert as you approach Apache Junction 40 miles east of Phoenix.

The massive sight of the mountain range is magnetic, drawing thousands every year for a closer look.

Jagged peaks, ridges and canyons rise above saguaros, desert scrub and grasses.

It’s an unforgettable sight any time of the year.

If you’ve never seen it in person before, it can be overwhelming, looking like something almost prehistoric.

The big, bad Superstition Mountains. We’ll look at this gorgeous hiking spot with a dark, mysterious history.

And later, the prickly, unpredictable desert terrain and why you need to educate yourself before heading out for a desert hike.

Plus, snakes alive! We’ll meet Declan the snake expert who shows us what to do if we ever run across one of these on the trail.

And a stroll around a place near the Superstitions where the spirit of Elvis is alive and well.

Trail: Superstition Wilderness - multiple trail options!

City: Apache Junction

State: Arizona

Difficulty: Easy

Park Website

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