All Aboard… Next Stop Verde Valley

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If you’re new to Arizona, you shouldn’t miss out on Central Arizona’s Verde Valley.

Sedona’s Red Rock State Park is a nature preserve and environmental education center with some of the best panoramic views of red rock vistas you’ll see anywhere. And the unique and underrated thing about this place is the fantastic hiking trails in the park.

The Eagle’s Nest Loop is the highest point in the park and has some breathtaking views. And bird lovers gather to get a glimpse of a variety of feathered wildlife.

But the gorgeous Red Rock Trail isn’t the only stop; come along as we explore the Verde Canyon on rails.

And this trek through Central Arizona wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the town of Jerome and all of its mystery.

Trail: Red Rock State Park

City: Sedona

State: Arizona

Difficulty: Easy to medium

Park Website

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