Los Dos Molinos: Spicy New Mexican food 

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Los Dos Molinos is a Valley treasure, known as “Los Dos” to regulars. Los Dos Molinos refers to the now-owner’s grandparents: when they were first married, they were gifted “molinos” or grinders. When their grandmother opened the first Los Dos, she and their grandfather looked around and decided to name it after their grinders sitting next to each other on a shelf.

Now, the grandkids are keeping the institution going strong, serving traditional favorites and some new dishes as well. This family-owned restaurant uses green hatch chiles from New Mexico, which means their food leans toward being spicy. 

Reina Torres, Bar Manager of Los Dos Molinos, said the most popular dish at the restaurant is adovada, which is pork cooked slow with spicy red chili.

Guest Lauren Etchart suggested Los Dos Molinos as her top pick. “Los Dos is really near and dear to mine and my family’s heart,” Etchart explained. “We go there for pretty much every sort of event. It’s a really energetic, fun, family environment.”

Etchart orders the garlic pork roast burrito dinner. She goes on to describe how delicious the burrito is: “It’s super moist. I always get it Christmas style, with red and green sauce, so you get to taste a little of both.”

Guest Jowan Thornton said the restaurant has a welcoming vibe. “It’s a really family-centric spot,” he said. 

Thornton orders the shredded chicken chimichanga, which he says is “so delicious, great texture on the chicken, amazingly spiced and seasoned and well-balanced,” Thornton said. 

Guest Jennifer Maggiore recommends the chili relleno with machaca. “The machaca, I think, was the best thing, you can tell, was definitely slow cooked,” Maggiore said. “It is a large plate, a very generous portion comes with beans and rice.”

The guests recommend tamping down the flames with sopaipillas, pillows of fried dough served with honey or sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

Restaurant address: 1044 E Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

Phone number: 602-528-3535

Website: losdosmolinosphoenix.com

Cuisine(s): New Mexican

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