CiBo Pizzeria: Phoenix’s slice of Italy

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CiBo, derived from the Italian word for food, stands as a beacon of Neapolitan culinary excellence in downtown Phoenix. Under the guidance of Chef Guido Saccone, hailing directly from Italy, CiBo offers a pizza experience that is unrivaled. The secret lies in the crust, achieved through a meticulous process that results in a texture both chewy and robust, then masterfully fired in a 900-degree oven for a mere 90 seconds. Beyond its celebrated pizzas, CiBo’s menu is adorned with exquisitely delicate pastas and hearty salads, catering to a myriad of tastes.

Nestled within a historic home, CiBo boasts a spacious outdoor patio, offering an inviting atmosphere for diners. Adding to its charm is a quaint cottage on the premise, available for small parties seeking a more intimate gathering space.

A standout feature on the menu is the frescas: fruit crepes of impressive proportions, brimming with fresh kiwi, peaches, and a lavish topping of freshly whipped cream, embodying the essence of indulgence.

Marking its 19th year of operation, co-owner Michael Krassner shares his personal favorite, the Tartufata pizza, a truffle oil-infused creation adorned with mushrooms, showcasing the depth of flavors CiBo is celebrated for.

“Check, Please! Arizona” guest Ben Cristoph praised the La Noce pizza, saying, “The flavors went together so well, and the crust was amazing.” Similarly, another guest Erica Fernette, initially not a salad enthusiast, was impressed by CiBo’s house salad, describing it as “awesome” and noting its perfect mix of spring mix, olive oil, vinegar, and pine nuts. Her experience was further sweetened by the fresca dessert, which she described as “super-light, super-sweet.”

Fernette also shared a pro tip for an enhanced dining experience: The private cottage at the back, a hidden gem for hosting private events at CiBo.

Restaurant address: 603 N. 5th Ave, Phoenix, AZ

Phone number: (602) 441-2697


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