The Original Blue Adobe Grille: A taste of New Mexico

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Nestled in the heart of Mesa, The Original Blue Adobe Grille has been bringing the vibrant flavors of New Mexico to life for over two decades. Under the guidance of Vicki Stumberg and the skilled touch of General Manager Parvaneh Brumad Far, this beloved eatery offers a culinary journey steeped in authenticity and sprinkled with delightful surprises. The menu is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of New Mexico, featuring everything from the signature lazy taco (soft tacos) and succulent steak dishes to a uniquely tempting fried calamari steak appetizer. The portions are generous, matched by the size and zest of their famed margaritas, including the highly recommended killer margarita and frozen margarita.

Crafted with care and a dedication to tradition, every dish at The Original Blue Adobe Grille is made in-house, adorned with the famed Hatch green chile or red chile sauce. For those who find it impossible to choose, the Christmas style offers the best of both worlds. The ambiance of the restaurant mirrors the warmth and richness of its menu, with eclectic decorations creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere for all who visit.

“Check, Please! Arizona” guest Yvonne Massman praised the guacamole and smoky salsa, complementing her entrée, the enchanted garden enchilada, as “really delicious.” Peteris Matthews, who indulged in the steak portobello and calamari appetizer, described the latter as “absolutely good and spicy,” highlighting the meticulous preparation and bold flavors. Another guest, Cynthia Smith, was captivated by the shredded beef chimichanga, lauding it as “delicious and plentiful” and echoing the sentiment that the smoky salsa was “out of this world.”

Matthews offers a valuable tip for fellow diners: to fully experience the culinary excellence of The Original Blue Adobe Grille, opt for the Christmas style chili sauce, a harmonious blend of red and green sauces that captures the essence of New Mexican cuisine.

Restaurant address: 144 North Country Club Drive, Mesa, AZ

Phone number: (480) 962-1000


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