The Mick Brasserie: Global bites, local spirit

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Chef Brent Menke’s journey from hanging out in a Scottsdale parking lot as a Chaparral High School football player to opening The Mick Brasserie is a tale of passion, travel, and culinary excellence.

After earning his stripes on yachts, Menke honed his cooking skills to such a degree that he became a sought-after chef for billionaires and oligarchs. His experience culminated in the creation of a successful Boston-area restaurant before returning home to Scottsdale to care for his father. In 2020, he launched The Mick Brasserie, a restaurant celebrating his global culinary adventures with shared plates, earning a Wine Spectator award in 2023.

The Mick’s menu is a testament to Menke’s travels, featuring dishes like sable fish with forbidden rice and beurre blanc sauce, crab cake over heirloom tomatoes, and whipped ricotta with marinated mushrooms. The atmosphere is designed to be lively and welcoming, encouraging diners to share and enjoy a variety of flavors together.

“Check, Please! Arizona” guest Annice Laws praised the whipped ricotta, saying, “It’s so creamy and delicious.” She highlighted the wine selection as her favorite aspect of the dining experience, adding that the crab cake served in lobster bisque was “luscious and velvety.”

Sue Sisley, another guest, commended the miso sable fish, describing it as “delicious,” and was impressed with the bread pudding, calling it “phenomenal.”

Another guest, Donaldo Lopez enjoyed the charred octopus, noting, “It did not disappoint.” Laws shared a pro tip for future patrons: look to the staff for recommendations, especially when navigating the standout wine selection.

Through The Mick Brasserie, Menke has created a space where his diverse culinary background and the rich flavors from his travels can be shared and enjoyed by all who visit, making it a standout dining destination in Scottsdale.

Restaurant address: 9719 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale, AZ

Phone number: (480) 246-6197


Cuisine(s): French

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