Sal’s Gilbert Pizza: A taste of New York and Sicily

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Tucked away in Gilbert but with the soul of Queens, this New York-style pizzeria transports its patrons straight to New York City, or even Sicily, where owner Sal Cuffaro originally hails from.

Sal and his wife, Grace, moved to Arizona from New York after falling for the region during a visit to the Grand Canyon. Deciding to swap their New York restaurant for a new beginning in 2006, they’ve since made a name for themselves with their enormous NY pizza pies, alongside deep dish Sicilian pizzas, and an array of Italian favorites like lasagna, eggplant rollatini, stromboli, and various pasta dishes. By 3pm, the bar becomes a lively hub, frequented by families, friends, and regulars nightly.

Cuffaro emphasizes the pizzeria’s commitment to unique, freshly made pizzas, pasta, and salads. His top pick, the Grandma pizza, strikes a delicious balance between Sicilian and New York styles, generously topped with provolone cheese.

“Check, Please! Arizona” guest Frank Altier ordered the eggplant rollatini as an appetizer, declaring it his favorite. For his entrée, Altier chose a pepperoni pizza. Another guest, Marii Covington Jones, started her meal with the fried zucchini, which she found exceptionally crunchy, followed by the Grandpa’s Drunken Pizza. For dessert, Jones indulged in both tiramisu and cheesecake, praising them as delicious.

Altier’s insider tip for visitors: the bar lounge area is the place to be, especially for those without reservations, offering a cozy spot to enjoy the lively atmosphere and exceptional Italian fare.

Restaurant address: 1150 S Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ

Phone number: (480) 633-2226


Cuisine(s): Italian

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