Neighborly Public House: At home with flavor

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Owner Chris Collins has crafted a dining experience at this uptown Phoenix restaurant that feels like a warm invitation to a best friend’s home. With a modern yet cozy atmosphere, the restaurant mirrors this comfort in its menu, blending traditional American cuisine with inventive twists.

From chowder fries to a selection of fried chicken, Prime rib, and short ribs, the offerings are as comforting as they are delicious. The chowder fries are a unique find from Collins’ culinary school days in Boston featuring crispy fries smothered in creamy clam chowder and bacon. The standout, however, is the coconut cream pie, a simple four-ingredient marvel that leaves guests in awe.

Collins emphasizes the importance of a welcoming environment, where the food serves as an extension of the hospitality that might be found when friends get together.

“Check, Please! Arizona” guest Sue Sisley declared the barbecue salad as her favorite dish, praising its freshness and stating she was “blown away” by it. The coconut pie, according to Sisley, was “unbelievable.”

Another guest, Donaldo Lopez, enjoyed guacamole and oysters, describing the oysters as wonderful, and the chowder fries as “creamy and savory.”

Annice Laws was impressed with the cornbread, calling it “fantastic and moist,” and described the crispy shrimp platter as having “some of the fattiest and juiciest shrimp” she’s ever had.

Sisley’s pro tip for visitors: Don’t miss out on enjoying the fabulous patio area, enhancing the already vibrant dining experience with a touch of Phoenix’s beautiful outdoors.

Restaurant address: 5538 North 7th St, Phoenix, AZ

Phone number: (602) 675-1852


Cuisine(s): American

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