Savor the south at Grassroots Kitchen and Tap

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Grassroots, a gem in the heart of Scottsdale since 2011, redefines the local dining scene with its unique approach to serving wine directly from the tap.

This neighborhood-centric restaurant quickly won over the locals, thanks to its Southern-inspired menu featuring mouthwatering smoked brisket sandwiches. The bar impresses with its extensive selection of wines on tap, alongside a comprehensive menu, making every visit a new experience. Its enclosed patio offers year-round comfort, making it the perfect spot for dining out 360 days of the year. Don’t miss the chance to visit Sweet Provisions next door for an indulgent treat of candy and homemade ice cream, with every kid’s meal at Grassroots coming with a coupon for a free scoop.

Christopher Collins, the owner, envisions Grassroots as the ultimate neighborhood go-to, whether you’re visiting monthly, weekly, or even more frequently encapsulating a vibe that’s “comfortable, relaxed, and extremely inviting.” Among the menu’s highlights are blackened redfish, shrimp po’ boys, and jalapeno cheddar grits.

Guests on “Check, Please! Arizona” shared their personal favorites: Marii Covington Jones raves about starting with noble bread served with olive oil and butter dip. “It’s the rotisserie chicken for me,” she noted. “It’s got a New Orleans style dirty orzo that’s irresistible.” Kelsey Rogers, another guest, praised the pork belly with grits, describing them as “perfect; they were fluffy.”

Jones offers a pro tip for potential visitors: “Make a reservation.” This advice ensures a spot at this beloved dining destination, where the blend of Southern hospitality, innovative wine service, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere offers a memorable dining experience.

Restaurant address: 8120 N. Hayden Ste. E-100, Scottsdale, AZ

Phone number: (480) 699-0699


Cuisine(s): Southern

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