Pesto’s Italian Kitchen: From pizza dough to an array of delights

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Pesto’s, founded in 2004 as a quaint pizza spot in Chandler, has evolved into a beloved Italian kitchen through a significant transformation.

A decade into their journey, Frank and Debbie Taurisano expanded their dining room, secluded the kitchen, and began offering an array of Italian delights ranging from their foundational pizzas to savory baked ziti, eggplant dishes, and an innovative broccoli Caesar salad. The family’s personal touch is evident, with their three children, Noah, Roxanne, and Reid, contributing at the bar and in the kitchen, creating a truly family-run atmosphere.

The restaurant’s ambiance is complemented by Debbie’s handcrafted candles, carrying scents of Italy-like lemon and thyme, and a dessert menu highlighted by a much-applauded tiramisu and an expansive wine selection. Frank emphasizes a menu rooted in tradition yet bursting with creativity, featuring standout dishes, like their famous lasagna, in a setting that exudes warmth.

“Check, Please! Arizona” guest Donaldo Lopez praised the broccoli Caesar salad as incomparable and described the carrot cake as a must-have dessert.

Another guest, Sue Sisley was captivated by a cauliflower dish, found the pesto and mushroom pepperoni pizza to be “really awesome,” and celebrated the carrot cake as “divine.”

Annice Laws commended the sambuca-glazed chicken wings with hot chili honey for their “scrumptious, very meaty wings and very unique flavor profile,” and was delighted by the linguine with clam sauce.

These reviews underscore Pesto’s as a venue where culinary creativity, family values, and Italian tradition blend seamlessly. According to Lopez, it’s also the ideal spot for those seeking a romantic dining ambiance, further highlighting the restaurant’s diverse appeal.

Restaurant address: 1960 W. Ray Road, Suite 4, chandler, AZ

Phone number: (480) 821-2949


Cuisine(s): Italian

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