MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace: Traditional and hearty Mexican food

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When you’re craving Mexican food in Arizona, nothing quite compares to the chilaquiles from MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace. A staple in the city of Flagstaff in the northern part of the state, this restaurant serves up traditional and hearty Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Locally known as “The House that Chilaquiles Built,” you get your pick of red or verde sauce or both, known as Christmas-style.

Run by a mother-daughter team, the space is cozy and intimate, and the ambiance warm and inviting. Everyone who steps inside is made to feel like family.

Anne Ozmun, Momager of MartAnne’s, describes the restaurant as a sweet little, family owned cafe. The artwork inside the restaurant has a Day of the Dead theme and was created by a former server. 

They serve chilaquiles, rancheros, enchiladas and a few other kinds of specialty dishes. “When I hear that MartAnne’s is a must-eat in Flagstaff, Arizona, I feel so proud and humbled,” Ozmun said. 

Guest Wayne Ranney suggested MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace as his top pick. MartAnne’s is the one restaurant he and his wife go to all the time. “We just love the food there. It has a New Mexico style feel, and my wife and I really love that,” Ranney said. 

For appetizers, Ranney recommends the masa chips, describing them as delicious. “They taste like tamales, but on the inside, they have melted Oaxaca cheese,” he said. 

Guest Ara Lynn Nowack eats the El Ramirez, a mini mountain of chilaquiles topped with pork green chile, chorizo and sour cream, served with an over-medium egg. “It was just the perfect amount of spice, and I really enjoyed it,” Nowack said. 

Guest Rhonda Mathis recommends the Enchilada y Huevo, a cheese enchilada with homemade red sauce, onions and topped with an egg over medium.

“Our server recommended the red sauce, which I loved,” Mathis said. “This red sauce just had the perfect spice and the perfect consistency. It was so good.”

For something to drink, Nowack and Mathis order the Horchata. They both agree it’s delicious.  

To finish theie review, all our guests agree the atmosphere was pleasantly eclectic. “On the walls they have ‘Day of the Dead’ themed paintings, and the walls are all painted bright red,” Ranney said. 

Restaurant address: 112 E. Route 66, Flagstaff, AZ

Phone number: 928-773-4701


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