Be Kind To Humankind Week

“It felt so great, when you chose to be kind. It put a smile on my face, when you chose to be kind.”

If you’re a Daniel Tiger fan, you may have been able to guess that this quote is from the show. The clip can be find on PBS KIDS’ website.

In the episode, Daniel was a little disappointed in himself because he didn’t get everything he wanted to get done accomplished. But someone reminded him of all the good, kind things he did. Daniel helped others by doing simple, yet meaningful things, like opening doors, handing out food and cheering someone up with music.

Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood is a great way for kids to find inspiration for kindness.

For you adults, there is plenty of kindness to go around as well.

On the Be Kind To Humankind website, it lists something to do for everyday:

Monday- Motorist Consideration Monday

Tuesday- Touch-A-Heart Tuesday

Wednesday- Willing To Lend-A-Hand Wednesday

Thursday- Thoughtful Thursday

Friday- Forgive Your Foe Friday

Saturday- Speak Kind Words Sunday

Sunday- Sacrifice Our Wants For Others’ Needs Sunday

This can be a good little guide on remembering to slow down your busy, stressful work day, and appreciate the day by being kind to someone.

You don’t have to live by this just this week; you can try and incorporate this into your lifestyle. And don’t limit your kindness to just this list, feel free to add something that you feel is kind and someone can appreciate!

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