Meet ‘Animal Babies’ during their first year on Earth

Meet six baby animals from across the globe on Wednesdays at 7 p.m., beginning August 28, on Arizona PBS. Follow along as they experience joy and hardship, confront near-daily adversities, navigate their habitats, and overcome challenges in their first year of life.

August 28: “First Steps”

See how the babies learn to understand their surroundings in environments ranging from Africa to Sri Lanka to Iceland. The most basic tools for survival must be learned in their first three months to thrive and ultimately survive. Watch online.

September 4: “Testing Limits”

See the new challenges baby animals face once they can get around on their own. Every day brings new trials and tribulations. Watch online.

September 11: “New Frontiers”

As the baby animals near the end of their first year of life, i t’s time for them to branch off from the comfort of their mothers and learn to explore the great unknown on their own. (Also Sat. 9/21 at 6 p.m.) Watch online.

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