‘Antiques Roadshow Recut’ revisits favorite finds

America’s favorite treasure hunt presents a new bite-sized way to enjoy the show, with half-hour episodes packed full of favorite finds and paced for maximum entertainment. “Antiques Roadshow Recut” will be airing Fridays at 7:30 p.m., starting Mar. 20. 

Mar. 20: “Politically Collect 1”

Electing and collecting: These two great American traditions combine in one historic half-hour. Part one commemorates political battles long past, with treasures that hail from red states and blue.

Mar. 27: “Politically Collect 2”

Antiques Roadshow elected to showcase fantastic finds related to American politics in Part Two of the half-hour Politically Collect Recut, including 20th century presidential autographs, 1947 political cartoons, and a Congressional desk and chair.

Apr. 3: “Newport 1”

Experience Roadshow’s groundbreaking visit to Rosecliff mansion when, for the first tie, it takes the cameras indoors and outdoors. This half-hour Recut includes a 1939 “The Gold Royal” typewriter, “New Republic Portfolio” prints and more.

Apr. 10: “Newport 2”

Learn about historical treasures as they are appraised in a Gilded Age mansion. In this half-hour Recut, Roadshow travels to Rosecliff for finds including Tiffany Studios vases with the original crate, a Benny Andrews oil from around 1962 and more.

Apr. 17: “Newport 3”

Newport treasures delight in this half-hour Recut episode from the grounds of Rosecliff mansion, including a Faberge jade snuff bottle, an Arthur McGee Dexter Gordon suit and an Egyptian mummified falcon made around 200 BC. Which is up to $100,000.

Apr. 24: “Newport 4”

Travel to Rosecliff mansion in this half-hour Recut for finds like a Jean-Michel Basquiat oil stick drawing, dragon dog bronze ornaments and a 1910 Whiting & Co. silver basket. Which of these items, given to the guest for Christmas, is now $400,000?

May 1: “Newport 5”

Rain won’t stop Newport treasures from shining in this half-hour Recut episode from Rosecliff mansion featuring finds like an Edward Bannister oil, 1979 Tage Frig stools and a Tiffany & Co. sapphire and diamond ring. One could be worth up to $100,000.

May 8: “Newport 6”

Wrap up Roadshow’s historic visit to Rosecliff mansion in this half-hour Recut episode filled with next-level Newport finds such as 1958 and 1960 M.C. Escher lithographs, a gold and amethyst necklace and a 2003 Sam Zell automaton. Which is $100,000?

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