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Create your own worksheets using Google Slides

Educators: Has you ever had a great idea for a worksheet that has yet to be created? Why not create it yourself?

It may sound like a lot of work to pile on, but all you need is Google Slides! It may sound a little bizarre, but Slides is the site to use because it allows you to drag things around and simplifies the creation process.

Here are some simple steps on how to get started. As your comfort level grows, so will your creativity!

  1. Size it. Click on File, then Page setup. Use the drop down menu to select “Custom.” Type in the size of the paper you will be printing on! This will ensure that your worksheet prints correctly and that it is accurately proportioned.
  2. Title it. Add a title to your worksheet. I use the Word Art feature for this so that it pops up and looks interesting. Make sure you add a section on a corner for their name, and a set of directions, too! I add a text box for those. 
  3. Get creative! This one can be a little challenging if you are not familiar with Slides. However, the more you use it, the easier this step becomes. Under the Insert dropdown, you have many options. You can add shapes, images, text boxes, and more!
  4. Print it. Once you have proofread your final product, you can print it and pass it out! 

Here are two examples to get you started!

Worksheet Sample

A page labeled Worksheet Sample with lines for writing on and a box to draw a picture

Word problem grid

A worksheet made up of a grid showing different ways to visualize four math problems.

What are some worksheets you are looking forward to creating? 

About the author

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Marissa Will is the mother of two, Olivia (5) and Logan (3). Writing was her first passion: she’s a freelance writer and a Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication alumna. Will is currently educating the future leaders of tomorrow: She has spent the past eight years teaching third grade with a master’s degree in elementary education from Northern Arizona University-Yuma.

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