NOVA ‘Decoding the Universe: Cosmos’

Amazing discoveries have transformed our understanding of the universe, shedding light on exoplanets and the energy that rules the cosmos.

Independent Lens presents ‘Space: The Longest Goodbye’

Meet the psychologists whose job is to keep astronauts mentally stable in outer space as they reach new frontiers and stay connected to home.

American Experience ‘Poisoned Ground: The Tragedy at Love Canal’

Get a look at the Love Canal disaster when a neighborhood near Niagara Falls discovered their homes were built on a former chemical waste dump.

A Brief History of the Future: Human

Ari explores the human ability to increase empathy and compassion, and the values we are instilling into artificial intelligence technologies.

Teaching 2.0: AI resources for educators

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Here are four opportunities educators can pursue to explore valuable AI resources that can be incorporated in the classroom. 

NOVA: The Great American Eclipse

Explore the spectacular and rare cosmic phenomenon of a total solar eclipse in great detail here on Arizona PBS.

NOVA: Hidden Volcano Abyss and Arctic Sinkholes

Check out a volcanic eruption and learn how it caused a tsunami. Then learn about the scientific phenomena of the Arctic’s sinkholes.

NOVA: From Dramatic to Daring

Enjoy back-to-back episodes of NOVA, from dramatic quests to daring engineering! Watch at 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb 21.

Cupid’s guide to love-infused learning

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2024

Here are three concepts you can incorporate into the classroom to celebrate love, kindness, and learning this February.

Physics of snow: Winter magic in the classroom

Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2024

Whether you’re in the heart of the desert or surrounded by snowy landscapes, discover three ways to sprinkle snow magic into your classroom.