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Arizona Corporation Commissioner Sandra Kennedy talks about a new website designed as a one-stop-shop to help people and businesses find the best deals and the best opportunities to become solar energy consumers.

Ted Simons: The Arizona Corporation Commission has a new website to help homeowners and businesses go solar. It's called Arizona goes solar, and the website includes everything from information on rebates and incentives to maps that show where solar energy systems are deployed. Here to tell us more about the site is corporation commissioner Sandra Kennedy. Good to see you here.

Sandra Kennedy: Thanks for inviting me.

Ted Simons: What's the goal?

Sandra Kennedy: The goal really is -- and I have to tell you, first got initiated last year, we were doing the APS rates settlement case and our chairman decided that we shouldn't have, with all of the questions that come in from ratepayers how we get information on solar, she introduced an amendment and the amendment says that with the four utility companies, APS, UNS, TEP and SRP and eight cooperatives around the state, they would join in with one another and create the Arizona go solar.

Ted Simons: What will ratepayers, customers -- businesses, what do we learn when we go to the site?

Sandra Kennedy: You can actually learn about the rules, the renewable energy standard rules and what companies are doing and what Arizona's requiring each company do for renewable energy standards. They can also look at the map, there's a map on the website that tells you who is getting solar, whether it's a business, residential. You can find on the map, events, where the workshops have been held at the Arizona Corporation Commission or utility companies providing them.

Ted Simons: Why is the map important, to know where it's going on?

Sandra Kennedy: I think the map encourages people -- if you put in your zip code, you can find out who is putting in what. Whether it's solar on the roof or water heating solar system. It's very intriguing to see it.

Ted Simons: Probably inspiring in some respects as well. Some folks, do they want that information out there?

>> A little bit concerned?

Sandra Kennedy: Absolutely. It also tells you what your company is providing. When it comes to incentives. Whether it's state incentives or federal, how much those incentives are. You can get all of that information on the website.

Ted Simons: So -- so if you're looking, you're considering it for your house or business and want to know the rebates and incentives are, the website has them in detail?

Sandra Kennedy: The website has it in detail. Click it, go to it. You find your utility provider and click on that. And it gives you a wealth of information.

Ted Simons: So again, if I'm someone looking to put panels on my roof, if I go there, how many different places do I have to click?

Sandra Kennedy: It's very user friendly. So you go to the page and right at the top, you find -- you go to either incentives or you go to workshops and events, or you go to utility incentives and then the utilities just roll right down.

Ted Simons: So general information on all aspects of solar and renewable energy?

Sandra Kennedy: Yes, right there at your fingertips.

Ted Simons: I know obviously the corporation commission is involved and very much behind it and you mentioned the other utilities. Who else is involved?

Sandra Kennedy: There are eight cooperatives from around the state involved. And they have been -- actually they've had open arms at helping to put the website together along with the four major utility companies.

Ted Simons: And again, that website address. I think we showed it a couple of times. How long has it been operational?

Sandra Kennedy: Last week.

Ted Simons: And how many hits?

Sandra Kennedy: 10,000 hits.

Ted Simons: That's not bad. If you're interested in solar for yourself or your business or someone who works in a solar industry, all of these folks invited to check it out. I encourage them to do that.

>> Thank you for joining us. We appreciate it.

Sandra Kennedy: Thank you.

Sandra Kennedy:Arizona Corporation Commissioner;

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