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Arizona Capitol Times reporter Luige del Puerto has the latest legislative news.

Ted Simons: It's only Wednesday but it's already been a busy week at the State Capitol and here with the latest legislative news is Luige del Puerto of the "Arizona Capitol Times." My goodness, we are living in interesting times here, Luige and now we go to the Capitol where we have got Daniel Patterson, who is, his fellow Democrats are trying to expel him. Republicans don't want him expelled quite yet. He's changed to an independent. What's going on?

Luige del Puerto: Today House minority leader Chad Campbell asked the Speaker of the House Andy Tobin and told him to remove his assistant out of concerns for her safety. Now, the side story to this is that the assistant is actually, the assistant's sister is married to Chad Campbell. This is his sister-in-law. And Mr. Patterson's office was also moved out into the, now he's on the third floor and he is no long neither secured area. You don't need a pass to go to his office.

Ted Simons: So basically if he has to, I understand they did take away his house key? Does he need security to get around?

Luige del Puerto: What I know they restricted him so that he can only get into the second floor which is where the floor session is.

Ted Simons: This is a lawmaker accused of criminal charges regarding spousal abuse and his fellow Democrats want him out of there. Why did the Republicans say not so fast?

Luige del Puerto: They are basically saying let's, well, I think the idea is let's go through the process. There's a process. There's an ethics complaint that was filed against him. Let's go through that. They haven't had a hearing yet so they wanted to go through the motion. And I guess the only question is whether the session is going to be over before they get to the ethics committee hearing.

Ted Simons: And we are hearing some members are packing heat because they're literally afraid of Daniel Patterson.

Luige del Puerto: Representative Gallego told a reporter the other way he's been carrying his firearm and Ms. Hobbs, the representative, the Democrat who filed an ethics complaint against him is also taking precautions. I met her the other day as she was walking off the house and she was asking if anybody had seen Patterson in the area. And she was very concerned about bumping into him and what have you.

Ted Simons: We should mention Daniel Patterson is saying the whole thing is "ridiculous." We had so much other stuff going on. We will see you Friday probably and or next Wednesday with an update. Good to see you.

Luige del Puerto: Thank you.

Luige del Puerto:Reporter,Arizona Capitol Times

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