Virtual art camp for kids to be hosted over spring break

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Scottsdale Arts Learning and Innovation and Scottsdale Public Art are putting on a virtual art camp next month for kids called Camp Dreamtree Spring Break Experience. The camp promises adventurous activities for families with the help of art supplies and augmented reality. For more, we spoke with artists Koryn Woodward Wasson and Roy Wasson Valle.

Travel to Parallel Universe

Children 5 and over can participate in Camp Dreamtree and will have the opportunity to travel to a parallel universe called Crystal Burn. Along the way, kids will meet fun characters that live in Crystal Burn. Since traveling to Crystal Burn can’t be done in person, the camp will use augmented reality. Using a device, campers will be able to explore the Crystal Burn universe right in the comfort of their own home. “You’ll actually get to see part of this parallel universe through your phone as an augmented reality experience,” Woodward Wasson said.

DreamScout Kits

A DreamScout kit can be purchased for $15 and comes with supplies for the activities done throughout the camp. The kit also comes with a bandana and stickers. The kit has enough supplies for 3 people. It is recommended that the kits be purchased by March 1 so there’s enough time for shipping.

Other activities featured:

  • Making a paper hat
  • Building an up-cycled journal
  • Building slides for bandanas

The camp will run from March 8-21. For more information, you can visit

Koryn Woodward Wasson, Artist
Roy Wasson Valle, Artist

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