Arizonans agree on more issues than they disagree

A new statewide survey from the Center for the Future of Arizona found that Arizonans agree on a number of issues critical to the state’s future. We learned about the survey and its results from Sybil Francis, the center’s president, and CEO.

“I think this has come somewhat of a surprise, a nice surprise to so many of us, because given the polarization and how divided we are according to the national narrative, we actually have much more in common and agree on much more than we disagree on in Arizona on the most important issues like jobs, health care, and education,” Dr. Francis said.

Survey Results

  • 89% agree every student in Arizona deserves an excellent education, regardless of family income, race, ethnicity, disability, language spoken or ZIP code.
  • 87% believe it’s important to guarantee affordable healthcare and insurance for Arizonans with pre-existing health conditions
  • 86% support a path to citizenship for DACA recipients and DREAMers
  • 79% believe action is needed to close gaps in educational outcomes for our most vulnerable populations of children who are low-income, have disabilities and/or are English language learners
  • 85% support making mental health services available and affordable for all Arizonans who need them
  • 74% believe it’s important to make a transition to clean energy
  • 85% support putting regulations in place to protect rural water supplies

To find out where you align with fellow Arizonans, you can take the 2020 Arizona Gallup survey here.

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Sybil Francis, Ph.D./President & CEO, Center for the Future of Arizona

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