Phoenix Suns expectations against the Bucks

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The Phoenix Suns will be playing in Milwaukee tonight for game 4 of the NBA finals. Brad Cesmat, the host and CEO of Sports 360 AZ, joins us to discuss what we should expect from tonight’s game, along with a rumor about the Suns assistant coach.

We asked Cesmat what its like in Milwaukee right now.

Cesmat explained that everyone is very excited about the game, and very nice to everyone there. Many are even walking around chugging beers and wearing deer horns on their heads.

Cesmat went into the fact that the different coaches from both the Suns and the Bucks have various histories, some that are more recent and some that originated in Arizona. He believes that the whole teams have won the games, not just singular players giving their all, but all of the players. He believes that these teams are evenly matched for each other and it will be an interesting game overall.

He then went into detail about what it would take for the Suns to win tonight.

“If Devin Booker is shooting shots that are chipping the paint off of the rim, or chipping the glass, that not good.” Cesmat said. “If Giannis is getting the ball, the big man from Milwaukee, is getting the ball within five to seven feet of the net and scoring with ease, thats not good.” “If Deandre Ayton gets within foul trouble thats really not good.”

He believes that these are the three main things that we should be looking out for tonight. Everyone always believes that the referees have it in for the home team, but thats not true.

Cesmat explained that in the past when Booker played poorly in one game, then on average he would play very well in the next game.

Brad Cesmat, the host and CEO of Sports 360 AZ

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