ASU hosts special event for Mexican Independence Day

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Thursday is Mexican Independence Day, and on Wednesday night the ASU Art Museum is holding a special event to celebrate the occasion. Director of the museum Miki Garcia speaks with Horizonte’s José Cárdenas about the event.

Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on September 16th, but the art museum is celebrating on the 15th.

“Many people think our Independence Day is Cinco de Mayo but it’s not, part of the ASU Art Museum’s goal is to recognize and celebrate the traditions of the people of Arizona, and Mexican Heritage is definitely a part of that,” Garcia said.

Garcia also acknowledges that museums have done a poor job at being inclusive, which she hopes to help solve.

“Many populations really don’t feel at home in art museums, and one of the ways that we do that is to celebrate culture and especially the creative culture of the people here in Arizona and traditions that have been on these lands for so long,” Garcia said.

The celebration this year will include dance lessons, making mini piñatas, as well as feature Mexican artists, as well as the traditional Grito celebration, a staple of Mexican Independence day celebrations.

Miki Garcia, Director of ASU Art Museum

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