Phoenix Symphony celebrates its 75th anniversary

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The Phoenix Symphony is the largest performing arts group in the state, and this year the Symphony celebrates its 75th anniversary. Music director Tito Muñoz talked to us earlier today about getting the symphony back on stage after COVID shut-downs.

“As an orchestra, our whole thing is large gatherings and during COVID that was really impossible for us, so like every orchestra in the community and the world, we had to pause,” Muñoz said.

Muñoz said the orchestra was paused for a whole year, which was really hurtful for everyone involved, with many musicians and staff being either furloughed or laid off.

Muñoz said the Symphony was able to recover through the community’s support.

“Our community really listened to us and came to our help and we were able to come back really strongly for the 75th year,” Muñoz said.

Muñoz said he is also proud of his team for finding ways to connect with the Phoenix community through education, health and wellness programs and homeless shelters, along with the Symphony musicians.

“Our musicians themselves, even though they were furloughed, they on their own put together a lot of programs, concerts, connections with healthcare workers,” Muñoz said.

For the upcoming season, the Phoenix Symphony has planned concerts that span jazz, film scores and Beethoven symphonies.

Muñoz said masks will be required for all attendants, and for anyone on stage who can possibly wear one. The Symphony will have vaccine mandates and testing for all workers, and either a vaccine card or proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours for attendants.

Tito Muñoz, Director of Phoenix Symphony

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