How will the bipartisan infrastructure bill affect the state of Arizona?

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The bipartisan infrastructure bill awaits President Biden’s signature. The bill aims to address a number of infrastructure needs, including transportation, utilities and broadband access. Earlier today we spoke to Congressman Greg Stanton about the legislation and what it means for Arizona.

The $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure passed the house last Friday.

“Friday night around 1 am was a great vote to support the infrastructure bill for Arizona, it means nearly a billion dollars for roads and bridges, including improvement of existing roads. It means three quarters of a billion dollars for new money for public transportation which is a real passion of mine,” Stanton said.

The bill also includes improved broadband services for rural and tribal communities across the United States. Significant improvements to Amtrak and lightrail are also a part of the infrastructure package.

Stanton says he wish the bill went farther with climate mitigation which could not make the cut due to the bipartisan nature of the bill. However, Stanton says the bill has strong allocations for water resources.

“Planning for the future for water in Arizona is arguably our most important issue, we want to continue to grow and we want to continue to grow jobs here and we can only do that if we do a strong job of water planning,” Stanton said.

Stanton hopes the companion bill, the Build Back Better agenda will pass and provide the $600 billion in climate investments.

Stanton says when President Biden signs the bill we should expect to see grants flowing into communities almost immediately, which he says is much needed in rural communities.


Congressman Greg Stanton, (D) District 9,

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