What is Art Detour?

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Art lovers around Arizona are celebrating as Artlink’s Art Detour returns for its 34th year.

The event, which runs through March 31, has a mission of connecting artists, businesses and the community. Art Detour gives  patrons, collectors and art lovers a bigger range of ways in which to engage with artists and destinations throughout the state.

Art Detour 34, run by the non-profit organization, Artlink, includes hundreds of exhibits and activities, including exhibits and installations featuring the performing arts, culinary arts, fashion design, public art and more.

The event began as a simple art walk back in 1989, but has now grown to a month-long event throughout Phoenix and Arizona. “At the time, it was very studio-focused,” said Catrina Kahler, president and CEO of Artlink. “Art Detour has expanded with this flourishing art scene, and we are thrilled to connect this celebration with communities throughout the Valley and state.”

Artlink invites artists, venues, businesses and organizations to register for the event as “Articipants.” Artists from across the state then get a chance to showcase their work. “We have nearly 1,000 artists registered with us this year,” she said. “We invite them to declare themselves an active part of this community, so we know who’s out there and who’s doing what. We get them on the calendar; we promote them on social media.”

Artlink’s signature event is the Art d’Core Gala at Park Central in midtown Phoenix. The gala returned this year with with a new theme, “Forces of Attraction.” Additional Art Detour highlights include On Central Fashion + Art, Downtown Chamber Series, Creative City Symposium as well hundreds of arts and culture activities scheduled throughout the month. “We have seen a huge increase in arts and culture engagement across Arizona in recent years,” said Kahler.

Art Detour gives the public a unique glimpse into the art world that many don’t usually see. “To see an artist in their workspace is a special experience,” Kahler said.

Visit artdetour.com for details.

Catrina Kahler, President and CEO of Artlink

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