Arizona Horizon election debates 2022: Republican candidates for Congressional District 6

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Republican candidates hoping to represent Arizona’s sixth congressional district gathered to debate the issues.

Joining moderators Ted Simons and Mary Jo Pitzl were candidates:

  • Lucretia Free, a magazine publisher
  • Brandon Martin, a U.S. Army veteran, former member of the Secretary-General staff, the U.S. Army Intelligence Center for Excellence and Fort Huachuca Command Group
  • Young Mayberry, a 28-year U.S. Air Force veteran and retired Lieutenant Colonel
  • Kathleen Winn, a businesswomen, realtor and former T.V. reporter

Each candidate provided a 1-minute opening statement in an order chosen at random.

Kathleen Winn: “I want to fight back for Americans. I want to give this seat back to the people. We need representation, and this seat is meant to be followed by and to be used by us, using the Constitution, and following the rule of law.”

Brandon Martin: “I know this race, I know the people and I know the issues. I am the most qualified candidate to represent you in the United States Congress. I want to work on the border, securing it, finish building the wall, and go further to surveil and discourage any illegal actions at the border, to include crossings, drug smuggling and human trafficking. We have many things to address, though. Rising inflation, an economy that’s been ruined in a year and a half. After seeing the greatest economy that the world’s ever known, we are looking to protect you.”

Young Mayberry: “We watched in horror as the Biden administration left American citizens and $84 billion dollars of American equipment behind in Afghanistan. We also see top U.S. officials openly embrace Marxist ideologies, and now we see hordes of illegal aliens invading our Southern border. These are factors that brought me into this race, because I have the experience and the skills to combat this nonsense.”

Lucretia Free: “Voters want someone who knows how to get stuff done. They’re frustrated at high prices, the high cost of food and fuel. They’re also angered and frustrated at the state of our border. Arizonans need someone who can hit the ground running, that person is me.”

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