Tactical instructor teaches strategies for active shooter situations

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It was a horrific scene at a Texas school on May 24. An 18-year-old gunman opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, killing 19 students and 2 teachers.

The shooting was yet another tragic reminder of the dangers students, teachers and staff face every day.

On Arizona Horizon, we spoke to Joe Deedon, the Founder and President of TAC*ONE Consulting. The company helps districts and law enforcement agencies prepare for an active shooter situation. Deedon was a Deputy with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (In Colorado, where Columbine happened.)

Deedon was also a SWAT force Academy Instructor and Field Training Instructor. He started TAC*ONE Consulting on the side in 2007, primarily providing active shooter training for law enforcement. Over the years, they have been to 43 states with their programs and have expanded into other areas of law enforcement. However, 80 percent of what they do is still providing active shooter training for law enforcement, school districts and the workplace.

Active shooter training, according to the TAC*ONE website, is “designed to address the threat of an active shooter and other violent critical incidents on school grounds and college/university campuses.”

“We’re not traumatizing kids, we’re giving them options, we’re exposing them to some things so that if something happens, they can quickly react when there’s not an adult around playing quarterback,” Deedon said.

As far as training schools and districts, the company has implemented a grade-specific “Beyond the Lockdown” program. It’s an aggressive active shooter training course designed to address the threat of an active shooter and other violent critical incidents on school grounds and college / university campuses.

According to Deedon’s website, is no secret that the actions of school faculty during a critical incident will save more lives then responding law enforcement officers. Statistically once the school shooting starts, a life is taken every 15 seconds. In most cases once an active shooter subject is acknowledged/confronted he/she either gives up or takes own life. This Intervention coupled with basic firearm knowledge can be very effective survival tactics. Recent examples of this are the Deer Creek Middle School shooting (with Dr. Benke) in Colorado and the Safeway shooting in Arizona involving Rep. Giffords.

At the culmination of this 4 1/2 hour active shooter training course, students will walk away with an understanding of the dynamics of an active shooter and the skills necessary to increase the chances of life preservation in a school shooting incident.

Joe Deedon, Founder and President of TAC*ONE Consulting

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